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Estimated launch date summer 2023

Welcome to The Bakery, a unique co-working space with a boutique hotel located in De Haan by the sea.

The Bakery provides you with a professional work environment, whether in combination with the comfort and luxury of a boutique hotel. Our co-working space is ideal for employees and entrepreneurs who are looking for a quiet and efficient work environment located on the magnificent Belgian Coast.

Make use of our shared facilities such as fast internet, comfortable meeting rooms, and well-equipped kitchen so that you no longer have to worry about practical matters and can focus on what is important to you.

The Bakery offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the unique surroundings after a productive workday. Whether you are looking for a place to stay during a business trip or simply a seaside holiday home, we have it all.

Experience the perfect balance between work and relaxation with us in De Haan by the sea.


A flexible open workspace or the option to rent a personal office according to your needs, whether it's 2 half days a week or 5 days a week.


In need of a professional meetingspace or event venue? We offer multi-purpose spaces that can serve both business and pleasure.


Luxury studios for rent from one night to several weeks. Fully accommodated for a warm home feeling during your stay.

Advantages of The Bakery, Co-Working Space


Renting at The Bakery is more cost-effective than renting a traditional office space, especially for smaller businesses and startups. You pay an all-in rate for a professional environment.


We offer flexible rental terms, allowing entrepreneurs to adjust their space needs as their business grows or changes. We are flexible and think along with you.


At The Bakery, we bring together a diverse group of professionals, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with a monthly after-work drink.

Professional Environment

Working at The Bakery offers a professional and productive environment that helps entrepreneurs focus and stay motivated. Additionally, we offer an attractive location to invite your customers.


The Bakery provides a range of facilities and services such as meeting rooms, conference facilities, printing, and reception services, saving you time and resources as an entrepreneur.

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